For Immediate Release – June 19, 2017
Street Business School by BeadforLife and Inspired Women Pay-It-Forward
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Women Supporting Women: Donate thousands to help fund the entrepreneurial education of women living in poverty in Africa

June 19, 2017 – Inspired Women Paying-It-Forward offers Philanthropic Networking at one-hour, quarterly meetings. Members nominate their favorite Women’s non-profit locally and globally for a chance to win up to $10,000! Collective Giving with Collective Impact and the only obligation is a commitment to writing a check for $100 to the voted upon winner.
In January, they decided to donate $6,600 to Street Business School by BeadforLife (SBS). BeadforLife began as a social enterprise using beads as a tool to fund entrepreneurial education for women living in poverty. Building on this model, funds raised through bead sales went back to the beadmakers to provide them with an education in entrepreneurialism. More than a decade of experience in education later, SBS is now expanding into new countries and training thousands of women on how to start and run their own micro-business. “We are so honored to partner with IWPIF. It really is a connection between women on two sides of the globe to improve the lives of children, families, and communities,” says SBS CEO and Co-Founder Devin Hibbard.
SBS achieves an average of 211 percent income increase for women two years after graduating from SBS training. For those who live on less than $.65 per day, they experience an increase of 1,460 percent (15x). One women whose life has transformed as a result of her entrepreneurial education is Josephine Nusamba. Nusamba started her businesses by selling the chickens she owned in order to start a vegetable stand where she sells matooke, charcoal and other fresh produce. She also began cooking and selling cassava chips which gives her a profit of between UGX 5000 ($1 US)- UGX 7000 ($2 US) a day. Each week, she also earns UGX 60,000 ($16.71 US) from matooke and other vegetables.
Although Nusamba’s husband’s salary was covering rent, it was rarely able to cover the cost of regular meals and never covered school fees. Now, due to Nusamba’s new income, her children eat three meals a day and are all in school. SBS has helped nearly 3,000 women receive business education and change their lives and their children’s lives.
Inspired Women PIF is educating local women about issues, such as the one Nusamba faces, and how they can make a difference. Their grant of 6,600 will help provide training for nearly 18 women and change their children’s lives for generations to come.
And now the focus is on how to expand this great model so that women everywhere can give from their abundance. The Mission Statement: Creating a space for Women who have More in their lives to take action on behalf of Women who have Less.
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Inspired Women Paying it Forward – Networking with Purpose
Powerhouse Philanthropy Benefiting Women’s Charities

For Immediate Release

Wexford, Pa. — March 10, 2015— On April 16, 2015 the very first meeting of Inspired Women Paying it Forward will take place from 6 to 7 p.m. at the DoubleTree by Hilton, Cranberry, Pa. The mission of this new Powerhouse Giving Circle is to Inspire Women who have more in their lives, to take action on behalf of Women who have less. This networking/philanthropic event has the potential of creating a huge impact for Women’s Initiatives by raising up to $10,000 per quarter—an impressive $40,000 per year!

Inspired Women Paying it Forward is open to anyone who is interested in combining forces with like-minded women who’ve agreed to make a quarterly donation of only $100! The impact will be significant for the one Women’s 501(c)3 Charity nominated and selected by the memberships’ majority vote each quarter. Two of the quarterly meetings’ donations will go to Local Women’s Charities, while the other two will be for Initiatives with a more Global Focus.

At each meeting, the names of three nominated charities will be drawn. The members championing those organizations will make a short appeal on their behalf. One deserving charity will then be selected through a majority vote at which point, every member writes a check for $100 made out directly to that charity. 100% of every check Goes Directly to the selected nonprofit!

After each meeting, members may stay for dinner, at their own expense, and enjoy the cash bar to make a night of it as well as to take advantage of the fantastic networking opportunities! There is no need to RSVP and the ONLY commitment for any expense, ever, is $400 per year ($100 per quarter)!

No Frills Philanthropy; Making a Significant Impact without a significant investment of time and energy—just what today’s busy woman needs!

Constantly in search of an easier way for women to support women, founder Debra Dion Krischke arrived at this model after researching other giving circles. Ms. Dion Krischke has over 25 years of experience in producing special events for women’s initiatives. Nationally, her events have raised over a million dollars for the lesser-funded organizations which are working on the tough issues such as domestic violence and human trafficking or providing education opportunities for women and girls around the world.

According to Ms. Dion Krischke women nationwide have big hearts and very little extra time. “All women need to network and we want to give back, but between work and family our plates are overfilled. One more committee meeting, one more obligation, one more demand for our time puts many of us on overload. And yet we care about other women!” says Ms. Dion Krischke. “We understand that we are in sisterhood with women locally and globally who might be fighting for the freedom to get an education, fleeing an abusive relationship, or fighting for an end to lawlessness where they are not safe from assault or worse. We want to support women who might be fighting for the right to drive, the right to vote, the right to work, and the right to go out in public without a male escort. We stand beside them in their fight. We care – and our collective donation is our way of paying it forward with a much greater impact. This is networking with a purpose.” It is Ms. Dion Krischke’s hope and intention that other women will form chapters in their own communities as well, making Inspired Women Paying it Forward —a nation-wide movement.

To join, learn more, or to start an Inspired Women Paying it Forward —chapter in your area, please visit the website at or call 724-935-6100.