“Networking With A Purpose”

Simple, Fast, Philanthropy At It’s Best.

100% of Our Collective Donation Goes to the Selected Women’s Charity

How It Works
  • Have a favorite women’s charity?
  • Nominate your favorite charity
  • Attend meeting
  • Put nomination in the basket
  • Three names will be drawn from the hat offering those three members the ability to do a 5 minute overview. (if you’re picked and someone else in the room and is better able to do the overview you may defer)
  • We all Vote!
  • Everyone makes out their checks on the spot! EASY!
  • 100% goes to the charity
  • Quarterly Happy Hour meetings for 100+ women
  • Cash Bar/Cash Food
  • Attend meeting
  • Membership entails commitment to donation of $400 a year ($100 quarterly)
  • 2 meetings for local women’s non-profits, 2 meetings a year will be for International women’s initiatives –only members in attendance get to vote by ballot
  • Checks written out to Winning Beneficiary that night
  • Can’t make the meeting? An e-mail will be sent out the following day stating selected charity – checks should be sent into Inspired Women within 48 hours, made out to the selected charity for that quarter.
Want To Join ?

If you’re interested in Paying it Forward, you’ll be committing to a quarterly donation of $100 to the selected women’s charity decided upon by members at the meeting.
Please submit attached Form and join us at our next quarterly meeting.

Membership Application
Want to Nominate a Charity?

Make sure you nomination is a 501c3. Must be a member in good standing to nominate and vote. Only 3 names will be pulled each quarter. Charities not chosen will be able to submit for the next quarter. Winning charities must wait one year before re-submitting.

Nominate Your Charity