Tips On How To Pitch Your Charity

Everyone is fearful of public speaking but if you really care about an organization possibly winning the vote and getting $10,000 – either you or another member you defer to, has to be ready to pitch it to the group! Printed materials can be used.

Think Short and Sweet – like an elevator pitch!

  • who you are, what you do, who the organization is, what they do, and what the money would be used for!
  • Tell a story about a woman who has been helped by the Non-Profit. The more compelling your story – the better chances of capturing the vote!
  • We’ll follow each pitch with a few minutes of Q & A so if you forget something important – no worries- it will get asked as a question for sure!

Important Points

  • Start off with who you are, what you do and your connection to the non-profit you have nominated
  • State the mission of the non-profit and why the money raised is needed and what it would be used for
  • Women Supporting Women – from your heart to everyone in the room ask for their help, ask for their vote and say “Thank You” for the opportunity. Then let the universe take over, be grateful you’ve had this opportunity on behalf of the women who will benefit and celebrate yourself for a job well done!