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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of “Inspired Women Paying It Forward”.
Our members are making real changes in the lives of women both locally and internationally through our combined donations each quarter. We meet four times a year.

If you support this concept but the meeting dates don’t work out for you – you can still participate financially! Meeting attendance is not mandatory, it’s desirable to benefit from the networking as well as expanding your knowledge about women’s non-profits in our city and beyond. Because we know how busy you are – an RSVP is NOT required – just suggested.

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I am making a personal commitment to donate $400 each year, $100 at each quarterly meeting, to charities voted on by the attending members. I understand that even if the charity chosen is not my first choice, I will donate at each meeting. If I am not able to attend the quarterly meeting I will give my check to another member to deliver to the meeting on my behalf, or I will mail my check after the meeting within 48 hours.

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Please take a moment to enter you name and cell number below. We will advise you via TXT MESSAGE of upcoming meetings and other information pertinent to Inspired Women Paying It Forward.